Business IT Solutions

IT Consulting

We will provide you with accurate and honest information - our goal is to make your IT work for you, not against you.

When it comes to the technology you need to run your business, it’s hard to make sense of all the options. Due West Pty Ltd does more than just sell technology – we combine technology and our 25+ years of expertise working with businesses to develop technology solutions that are beneficial to your business.

Our Computer Networking Services include:

LAN (Local Area Network) design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance
Server integration, upgrades and migrations - Physical and Virtual
Internet security solutions, including firewalls and VPN
Implementation of Network Infrastructure (routers, switches, Wi-Fi)
Wireless Networking Solutions
Terminal Services and Remote Access Solutions
Backup to Tape, Disk, NAS, SAS and Disaster Recovery solutions
Business Anti-virus and Anti-spam Solutions
WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity (branch office, home office connectivity via DSL/CABLE/VPN)
Desktop Rollouts and Deployments 
Software supply, licence compliance and software auditing, Software Assurance


Network Protection

Internet threats are always on the increase and simple firewall and SPAM filtering is no longer enough to protect your business in todays ever changing Internet landscape. Internet Security must encompass your entire network, from the perimeter through to the desktop and must include your mobile and remote access devices.

Employees are now more "tech savvy" and with new Smart Phones and Tablets becoming every day items of use, you need to protect your network from all sources of penetration. Drive By infections are on the increase, where an employee only needs to visit a site to have an attack launched against their device and your network.
Email, Face Book, YouTube and Twitter can be effective marketing tools for your business when used correctly and productively, but they can also be the largest waste of employee time with lost productivity and chargeable hours if usage is left un-monitored.
SPAM emails can cost your business THOUSANDS of dollars each year without you even realising it. Here's an example for you. Lets say you have 10 employees getting an average of 20 spam emails each day. They have to check each email to make sure it is an actual SPAM email and not a legitimate query or request, then they have to delete the email and clean out their Bin at some point. Hopefully the SPAM email has not contained any automated code that has executed when the email was read and begun its destructive action. Lets assume that it takes 1 minute per SPAM email to fully action it; that's 20 minutes x 10 employees each day which is over 16 hours per week and over 860 hours per year of lost productivity! If you only allow for lost average wages at this rate you're already down by $20,000!
A managed perimeter (or Cloud based) SPAM solution will cost you a lot less each year and save you thousands as well as making your staff happier by not having to deal with SPAM and more productive by freeing up their time to do their job, not wasting their time dealing with annoying emails.
Business Continuity

Don’t let a disaster put you out of business.

Every business owner knows the importance of their data. What many don’t realise is that while the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, the majority of data losses are the result of small localised problems. Could your business weather a major equipment failure caused by rain leaking through the roof, a lightning strike, or even theft?
Business continuity and disaster recovery planningcustomised to your business needs
Data backup and recovery – “bullet proof” your mission-critical data files on and off site and with Cloud solutions
Due West combines planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business is in the best position no matter what comes your way. Let us help you protect your data against the disasters that can literally put you out of business.
Professional Systems

When something goes wrong with your IT, everything can grind to a halt. With a standard break/fix service contract, you have to wait for something to break before your provider can fix it. That equation seems to make sense – even though it could easily result in hours of downtime. But what if you could keep your IT from breaking in the first place?

With Managed Services and IT Support from Due West, you can expect:
Peace of mind – your computer systems are monitored 24/7
Less downtime – we identify and fix issues before they cause network support problems
Fewer disruptions – we provide most network services remotely
Predictable budgeting – all-inclusive flat-rate IT services and support are available.